Trout Spey & the Art of the Swing by Steven Bird (Paperback)

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"Readers of Trout Spey & The Art Of The Swing will never again see a trout stream one dimensionally, where the angler remains fuller of hope than insights. Steve Bird softly talks about the many dynamics at work, from insect hatches on small streams and giant tailwaters to how a fly should be tied and then presented on the water.  Those understandings promote such great affection for “home” waters that the fly fisher in turn becomes the fierce riverkeeper. Steve Bird’s book, Trout Spey & The Art Of The Swing becomes his ultimate gift to the fly fishing public."    

~Trey Combs, from the foreword


Trout Spey & the Art of the Swing features 260 pages on equipment, techniques, hatches and more and over 100 unique fly patterns -- your one stop shop for everything Trout Spey. 

Paperback, 6"x9", 260 pages

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